A New Way of Counting

Chiralkine is a way of counting that works on a new principle, not balance and equations. It treats the two sides of a relationship defining a countable object as mirror opposites, symmetrically. It can be used to perform mathematical calculations without privileging one side of a relationship over the other. Performing calculations using the dual numbers produced by counting in this way ensures that whatever is done for one side of any relationship is also done for the other. A new economic system could be constructed based on using these calculations which would treat human to human relationships and mankind’s relationship with the environment symmetrically.

The chiralkine project was conceived and has always been intended to be a social enterprise, to make people’s lives better. However, it morphed into an academic research project, because the new concepts on which it is based proved too difficult for most people to understand. This website is now being redesigned to make the concepts more accessible to the general public. In the meantime videos, images, academic research papers, patent specifications and coded prototypes can still be found online by searching using the keyword “chiralkine”. The inventor, Martin A. Hay, can be contacted by email: martin@chiralkine.com.