Chiralkine Systems

This website teaches new, non-commutative mathematics that were invented to overcome a hitherto unrecognized problem in the mathematical properties of zero that enable it to be gamed (manipulated to produce winners and losers instead of equality). We have been blind to the manipulation, because each successive generation has taught the next to believe in one absolute nothing. We cannot see the inner workings of nothing.

The invention teases apart the useful properties of zero from those that enable it to be gamed, and provides a new number system consisting of two kinds of +1, two kinds of -1 and two kinds of zero. This is described in a short video.

This mathematics can be applied to construct systems of a new kind, called  chiralkine systems. It will find applications across the social and physical sciences, including control of economies; voting and decision making in democracies and in businesses; dispute resolution; computation; robotics; mind brain interfaces and medicine.

This website describes the new mathematics, how it was invented by turning the properties of nothing into a game, and what applications have been developed so far. Anyone can learn the new mathematics, and then start to make their own discoveries and inventions. The new mathematics opens up nothing as a new frontier.

If you have any questions, need any help getting started, are interested in investing in research and development in this new field, or have any suggestions to make, please make contact.