What, How, Why?

What is a Chiralkine System?

A new kind of system upon which an economy can be built: exchange, taxation and voting.

It links the interests of people together based on a logic that codes and processes information about one side of a relationship in + means same and – means different, while on the other side the mirror opposite logic is used. The exchange of symbols between the two sides and concomitant inversion of meanings, mediated through the exchange of tokens, provides the linkage. It ensures reciprocal treatment: that both sides of a relationship fulfill their respective obligations on which their complementary rights depend.

Why is a New System Needed?

The existing system produces undesirable side effects, such as rising inequality, trade imbalances, economic exclusion, voter apathy, boom and bust and destructive nationalism. It cannot be controlled by governments and central banks, only managed by using positive and negative interest rates and quantitative easing (buying debt using newly created money).

If the economy continues to be based on the creation of debt, inequality will rise even faster as computer-driven automation takes hold. Goods and services produced and reproduced by robots under the control of a few people will be sold to billions of people through the creation of debt. The opportunities for those people to pay off their debts by selling anything back to the robot controllers will become insignificantly small. Without government intervention to provide alternative sources of income, many will become trapped in debt. The mix of automation and sales by debt creation is toxic to human society and to the planet.

What is the Existing System?

The existing system works on the principle of a balance, which is captured by a very simple equation that is taught to every school child:

+1 – 1 = 0.

Everyone assumes that the order in which +1 and -1 are combined does not matter. It accords with our everyday experience. Mixing yellow into blue produces the same green as mixing blue into yellow. Scales can be brought into balance by adding or subtracting weights (or money) to or from either side.

balances in colour

Why does the Existing System not Work Properly?

The existing system codes and processes information about relationships in a way that privileges one side of a relationship over another. It is all coded in two symbols, 1 and 0, forming the two sides of a distinction, one of which is privileged over the other.

How Does a Chiralkine System Work?

The system codes information about relationships in four ordered polarities instead of credit and debt. These are always adjusted pairwise, one for each side of a relationship, keeping the order of yellow, blue, green the same. This treats the two sides symmetrically.

The system can be used to control the exchange of goods and services without using any kind of money.