The oceans are being poisoned by plastic, much of it having been discarded after it has been used as packaging for water! There is an urgent need to reduce the release of toxic materials into the environment and promote the recycling of resources. Mankind needs to re-engineer its relationship with the planet so that this becomes reciprocal, not one sided.

The new mathematics taught by this website can be used to impose reciprocal obligations on two parties to a transaction. The mathematics ensures that the transaction is completed only when both parties have satisfied mirror opposite obligations. For example, the transfer of ownership of a good from a buyer to a seller can be made contingent on the buyer selling something else and the seller buying something else, so that the two can complete their transaction only by trading in balance with everyone else.  It should be possible to use the mathematics to construct a system for controlling the recycling of resources by coupling recycling to the transfer of ownership of products in their supply chains.

The objective would be to create a marketplace for waste and thereby incentivize its  collection from the environment. The market would operate using left- and right-handed money, the creation, exchange and redemption of which would be coupled with other transactions or the levying of taxes in the economy. For example, local government might administer a tax payable in right-handed money by providing each taxpayer with an amount of left-handed money. The local government would purchase waste by exchanging right-handed money for left-handed money. Taxpayers could clear their tax obligation either by selling waste to local government, or by selling something else to a third party by exchanging their left-handed money for right-handed money.

This thought is thrown out as a challenge to those in the recycling industry and those responsible for looking after recycling in national and local government. Left- and right-handed money could be used to build a circular economy. How can it be done?