Reciprocal mathematics for ensuring reciprocal trade

Right now, the global economy is on the cusp of a trade war. Governments can see that trade should be reciprocal and want to solve the problem, but the only remedies they believe that they have at their disposal are currency manipulation and increasing taxes on their own people who buy imports (sales taxes called tariffs or customs duties).

The chiralkine mathematics taught in this website offers a new solution. It treats numbers like people engaged in reciprocal trade. Two numbers interact by exchanging polarities reciprocally just like people engaged in reciprocal trade exchange goods and services. Just as two people never become one, so two numbers never become one. When a first number turns a second number into a third number, the second number turns the first number into a fourth number. The mathematics keeps track of both sides of every relationship. People on one side of an economic relationship are not left behind while others pull away.