A series of short videos on the new mathematics posted by Moshe Klein of Tel Aviv University:

Chiral Mathematics: introduction

Chiral Mathematics 1: History of the new maths

Chiral Mathematics 2: Exchange Part 1

Chiral Mathematics 3: Exchange Part 2

Chiral Mathematics 4: Voting

A video on the exchange prototype: Chiralkine, A New Virtual Economy

Patent Office Hearing on UK Patent Application for Chiralkine Exchange System: GB2509459


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Hay, M. Slides presented in a workshop given at the Utah meeting of the  Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences: Hands on Modelling of Perceptual Switching in Coupled Rotations of Four Ordered Oppositional Pairs: Chiral Quaternions.

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Hay M., A Chiral Resolution of Mathematics, Posted on Researchgate July, 2018.

Patents and Patent Applications

United States Patent Application, Publication Number 2016/0199725

British Patent Application Number GB201613983

British Patent Application Number GB201703479


Resolution of Zero by Martin A. Hay. This is a thriller about the psychological, social and economic consequences of a government, faced with very high youth unemployment, giving to young people an experimental drug designed to combat cognitive decline in the old. Built into the story is the idea of life cycling through zero (nothing) having two mirror opposite sides: hence the title “Resolution of Zero” – the separation of zero into left- and right-handed (chiral) forms.