Chiralkine Wood

Chiralkine Wood is a small scale (4 acre) wildlife conservation area in the Peak District National Park in the United Kingdom.

It lies along Clough Brook between Wildboarclough and Wincle and can be viewed from the road that runs alongside it. Looking over the gate, a kingfisher can often be seen by the pond.

The trees are mainly alder, ash, rowan, oak, silver birch, hazel, elder and bird cherry. Animal species include hare, rabbit, grey squirrel, mole, stoat, badger and red deer. Bird species include dipper, grey wagtail, kingfisher, mallard, moorhen, woodcock, goosander, great spotted woodpecker and, in summer, pied flycatcher, spotted flycatcher, redstart, garden warbler and hobby. The many nest boxes are monitored by licensed bird ringers of the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society.

Chiralkine Wood in May, 2016

Thinning hazel (the wood from which an early form of money known as tally sticks were made) to allow more sunlight to penetrate down to the ground. December, 2016

Access to the wood is by permit only.